About Us

Beginning in 2007, Bolum Rehberi is a Turkish website that is meant to introduce American shows and movies to a Turkish audience. By taking references and resources from episode guides, we have created a Turkish site that is visually pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use.

Here at Bolum Rehberi, we’re dedicated to giving all of our users the best viewing experience possible. Our dedication to our users goes a long way, we’ll work with you to help you find the perfect show or movie your looking for. We have extensive experience in giving viewers a large variety of content to choose from so that anyone can enjoy what Bolum Rehberi has to offer.

All of our staff are constantly updating the site and adding new content to it every week. We will take in feedback from our users and update the site accordingly to make sure that every user of our site is satisfied.


Have any suggestions for shows and movies we should add? Contact us and let us know.